Staining Wood

Arbitration, Humidity & Warranty Disputes

Resolve warranty disputes with guidance from AWS. We offer a range of third-party arbitration services for contractors and their clients.

Third-Party Arbitration

As woodworking and millwork professionals with extensive experience in the industry, we provide impartial third-party arbitration services to clients nationwide. For example, one of our clients discovered that paneling was curling up off the walls of a hotel. We visited the property and used our expertise to resolve the issue and complete the project to meet the specifications. Some of the questions we answer during an arbitration job may include:

  • What is the problem?
  • Was the material installed before the building was climate-controlled?
  • Was the wrong material used?
  • Was it installed incorrectly?
  • Was it installed to specifications?

Warranty Disputes

When something goes wrong with a project you have worked on, you may not be paid until it is resolved. Most contractors provide a warranty on their work, and clients may withhold payment if problems occur within the warranty period. We inspect, access the problem and write a letter of arbitration or recommendation that describes and resolves the issues per AWI QS or as specified by the architect.